Laurie Fisher Anxiety Services

Though anxiety can be considered a symptom of depression or it can be seen as a diagnosable mental disorder in and of itself, many forms of anxiety are based in either past trauma or in not being aware of the body’s messages that it is becoming overwhelmed or to exercise caution. I often view panic attacks as the body’s way to get the sufferer to finally pay attention to the body’s messages that have been, to that point, largely ignored. Because panic attacks can be frightening, they create increased anxiety; i.e., sufferers become anxious about the anxiety, and that simply intensifies the body activation.

Anxiety Treatment Model

Mindfulness and mindful noticing of body sensations is very important in treating anxiety disorders, sometimes alone or sometimes in conjunction with Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques. Learning to simply notice what the body is feeling and just be curious about those sensations rather than trying to understand them or push them away and then learning strategies to calm and re-regulate emotions and body sensations forms the basis of this treatment model.